Workplace Safety Training Can Reduce Injuries

As a responsible employer, one of your goals is to minimize the number of injuries that happen in the workplace. Types of injuries possible vary widely, with some being immediate and others long-term. By taking proper measures, most of these injuries can be prevented. One of these important measures is offering workplace safety training to your employees.

Safety Training Is A Must For High-Risk Environments

Any type of environment that involves potentially risky or dangerous tasks must include a comprehensive sequence of workplace safety training. In fact, in these environments, safety training should be ongoing, especially as new processes are put into place. Examples of the types of industries that require ongoing safety training include construction, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and shipping and receiving, especially when your employees have to access large items from high places in big warehouses. Be sure every employee has an adequate level of safety training to avoid both immediate injuries, such as falls and cuts, as well as injuries that can develop over time, such as bursitis and lower back pain.

It’s Also Essential For Desk Jobs

Don’t overlook the importance of safety training in organizations where most of your employees work in what’s considered a desk job. These types of positions can also lead to injuries, many of them related to poor posture or repetitive motions. These types of work-related injuries and conditions can include carpal tunnel, eyestrain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and persistent headaches. Workplace training can help you and your employees create a work environment that’s more conducive to good health and injury-avoidance.

What Your Employees Will Learn

With effective workplace safety training provided by a qualified organization, your employees (and you) will learn a great deal, including:

  • Overall job safety considerations,
  • Safety specific to the job and workplace environment,
  • How to perform day-to-day tasks to minimize risk of injury,
  • How to set up desk equipment for maximum ease of use,
  • The importance of taking breaks to stay alert, and
  • Additional considerations to stay safe at work.

Keeping your workers safe brings you and your business numerous benefits, including higher productivity levels, improved morale, fewer medical bills, and healthier employees. It’s definitely in your best interest to host workplace safety training sessions.

How Colorado In Motion Can Help

At Colorado In Motion, we understand that you’re busy running your business and may not have the time to create a workplace safety training program from scratch. We get it! That’s why we’ve created an industrial health program serving Northern Colorado communities, including Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, and beyond, that we can bring to your place of work.

This program teaches the essentials of workplace safety, ensuring that your environment is a safe one and your employees know how to reduce their risk of injury. Our program also offers on-site workplace early intervention and health promotion, ergonomic evaluation and training, job-specific stretch program development, and much more. The health specialists at Colorado In Motion work to foster workplace safety by serving as your ally! Reach out to us today to learn more about our industrial health program.

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