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Welcome to Colorado In Motion Kids! The pediatric physical and occupational therapists at Colorado In Motion are dedicated to improving the quality of life for both our patients and their families. Our therapists focus on providing one-on-one, individualized care to maximize patient development and function – and we make sure your child is having fun along the way, too! 

Female child physiotherapist examining little patient's spine in pediatric orthopedic clinic

How Our Pediatric Program Works

We treat children with a variety of impairments, including developmental delays, sports injuries, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal impairments, and genetic defects.

Pediatric patients benefit from one-on-one, individualized care that’s designed to maximize your child’s function, participation, and development, whether at school, at home, on the playground.

Our team uses a play-based approach to ensure that your child achieves age-appropriate and condition-based goals.

"What's the best thing about Pediatric Physical Therapy at Colorado in Motion?"

Want to learn more about Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Our resource library contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in learning more!


Can your child benefit from Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Is your child struggling in school, at home, or in certain parts of the community? Do you often ask yourself, “Is my child developing similarly to their peers?” Pediatric Occupational therapy (OT) with Colorado in Motion might be able to help.

Your child may be experiencing physical, motor, visual, emotional, behavior, cognitive, or sensory challenges which affect how they participate in everyday activities. Our pediatric OTs are committed to improving your child’s quality of life through education and child-centered, play-based therapy.

If you’d like to help your child make progress with daily tasks and boost their independence and confidence level, reach out to Colorado In Motion today!

What makes Colorado in Motion Kids great?

The pediatric physical therapists at Colorado In Motion are dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life for patients and their families. Our therapists focus on providing one-on-one, individualized care in order to maximize patient development and function.

We treat a variety of disorders, including development delays, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal impairments, genetic disorders and birth defects.

Our physical therapists utilize a functional, play-based approach to rehabilitation to ensure that our patients achieve their age-appropriate and condition-based goals. They keep up with the latest developments in pediatric physical therapy to ensure each child receives the best treatment possible with the right approach for their specific needs.


Does your child need Early Intervention?

All of our pediatric physical therapists are contracted with Larimer County’s Early Intervention Program, Foothills Gateway. We offer parent education and hands-on physical therapy services in your home for children, from birth to three years of age.

If you have any concerns about any of the children in your life, know that help is available – and close to home! Pediatric physical and occupational therapy with Colorado in Motion won’t feel like hard work for your child, because we make it fun! Our team employs age-appropriate methods to turn the serious work of therapy into playtime for your child. 


Is Pediatric Physical Therapy right for your child?

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