Colorado, Get Ready For Winter Fun!

Winter in Colorado is a great season for outdoor enthusiasts who love cold-weather sports. With the Rocky Mountains right here, and snowfall present even in our state’s flat areas, there are many activities that locals and visitors alike enjoy in December, January, February, and beyond.

Take a look at some of the winter fun you can have here. And remember, if you’ve had a little too much fun and need some therapy afterwards, or if you’re in pain and need therapy for relief before you get active, Colorado in Motion’s physical therapists are ready to work with you so you can have a great time out there!

Downhill Skiing

Colorado has a grand total of 26 ski resorts for your downhill skiing enjoyment! We truly are a ski destination with such popular resorts as Aspen Snowmass, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Vail, and Telluride attracting enthusiasts from around the world. One thing to know about our runs is that many of them are quite steep! If you can mostly handle blue runs in other places, you may want to stick with green runs, at least on your first visit.

Of course, if you’re an expert skier, you’ll love our diamond black runs! You probably won’t want to get enough of those. Thankfully, there are plenty to be found, so you can explore our resorts and their advanced runs to your heart’s content.


A direct cousin to downhill skiing, snowboarding has become extremely popular in the Rocky Mountains. Some of the best snowboarding resorts in Colorado include Echo Mountain, Winter Park Resort, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, and Keystone Resort. If you don’t have your own snowboard, no problem! Rentals are available.

Cross-country Skiing

You don’t need mountains for cross-country skiing, although skiing in the alpine grandeur can’t be beat! Regardless, you can go cross-country skiing just about anywhere you can find snow in our state, making it especially popular with residents. Our plains offer wide open spaces that cross-country enthusiasts can enjoy in quiet solitude.

Sledding And Tubing

The kids especially love this activity after a foot or more of fresh new snow has fallen. Any hill will do! It doesn’t take much to get a sled or tube going. What’s more, this winter gear is inexpensive and can be easily stored in your garage or basement.

Ice Skating

We have many great indoor rinks for both ice skating and ice hockey, but we also have a number of lakes that freeze over and make perfect outdoor rinks! Just make sure it’s cold enough that the water has frozen completely; always test the ice before you head out.


Another fun winter activity that can be done in any terrain, including flat, hilly, and steep, snowshoeing provides a great workout while being relaxing and great for all ages and ability levels.


For something a little different, locals and visitors alike can try snowmobile tours. Rentals are available from Copper Mountain to Monarch and many other locations. A search will turn up many companies that offer snowmobile tours and rentals.

Ice Climbing

This is for highly experienced climbers only! If you’re a climber but you’ve never ice climbed before, it’s important that you take some classes first. Remember, safety first, always!

When You Need Physical Therapy Services In Colorado

All of these Colorado winter activities are fun, but they can be grueling. If you need physical therapy services before or after skiing, sledding, ice skating, or enjoying any other type of outdoor fun, turn to Colorado in Motion. We also offer rehabilitation services to help you recover faster after an injury. We have several offices for your convenience. For top-quality physical therapy services, get in touch with us today!

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