5 Good Habits for Back and Neck Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing back or neck pain, you know how debilitating the pain can be. It can seriously impact your quality of life and prevent you from doing the things you enjoy. While you may need professional help to address what’s causing your pain, you can also adopt these good habits to find some measure of back and neck pain relief.

Finding Relief From Neck & Back Pain

Schedule an appointment with a licensed physical therapist to help relieve your chronic or nagging pain in your neck and back.


Use Correct Posture When Sitting

Sitting is a common culprit. In many occupations, a great deal of time is spent sitting, and incorrect sitting posture can lead to both back and neck pain. If you spend a lot of time in your seat, try to sit up straight instead of slouching. Keep your hips and shoulders in line, and set your feet comfortably on the ground. Adjust the height of your chair to accommodate you; sitting needs to feel comfortable, not strained!

Take Stretching Breaks

Many jobs require people to be on their feet for long periods of time. If you spend a great deal of time standing, be sure to take stretching breaks. At your hips, bend forward and from side-to-side to alleviate any back aches and pains. In addition, perform gentle neck stretches and rotations to reduce pain concentrated in the neck and shoulders regions.

Drink More Water

Staying properly hydrated can help stave off neck and back pain, at least to some degree. The vertebrae in your spine need sufficient water intake to maintain the health of each disc, which acts as a shock absorber in your spine.

Use Proper Driving Posture

How you sit while driving may have a negative effect on your body. Check your driving posture; your back should be straight, and your knees should be lower than your hips. Keep both hands on the steering wheel for better alignment of your body and less likelihood of developing neck or back pain.

Try Water Therapy

For many people, moving around in water is very therapeutic, offering relief from muscle aches and pains. If swimming aggravates pain, then simply do simple stretches and slow movements in the water.

When To Seek Help

Colorado in Motion is a physical therapy clinic that can address underlying issues to provide back and neck pain relief. In addition to treating the source of your pain, we can offer advice for minimizing pain at home, at school, and on the job. Call Colorado in Motion today; we have several locations in Northern Colorado for your convenience. Contact us to get started on your journey to more pleasant, pain-free days.

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