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Musicians in Motion

At Colorado In Motion we are honored to work with musicians and artists in the community.  All forms of creative expression demand different challenges for the body.  Understanding the role of postural positions and repetitive movements that may lead to discomfort or injury can prolong your career and maintain the joy in your craft.  Musicians, singers, and artists need to balance their bodies so they are able to practice and perform in the most restful state. Our services for musicians include:

Physical & Occupational Therapy Evaluation- You will be seen by a Physical and/or Occupational Therapist who will evaluate your whole body in a manner that is tailored to your art form.  We provide both short term and long term strategies to assist you throughout your life.  Our program offers unique professional care by giving personal medical attention to help identify the cause of pain with the intent of developing a plan of care the musician/artist can implement throughout their lives.

Physical Treatments- We provide a wide variety of treatments designed not only to decrease discomfort and fatigue but also to improve the technical aspects of your craft.

Home Exercise Plan- You will receive a home exercise plan that fits your specific needs to help you return to your practice and performance pain-free.

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