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Get Back To What Moves You.

With the support of a highly trained, dedicated movement expert, you’ll finally have the experienced care and support you need to overcome movement issues and get back to accomplishing your goals.

It’s time to let yourself enjoy all that Colorado has to offer.

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Move more. Smile more.

When you’re not functioning at your physical peak, the rest of your life isn't as rewarding or satisfying. Whether you want to be a part of all the adventure Colorado provides, or you simply want to enjoy your daily life with family and friends, it’s frustrating to have pain and movement issues keep you from what you love.

At Colorado In Motion, our knowledgeable, highly-trained specialists are dedicated to keeping you moving.

By caring for you as a whole person, not just the sum of your symptoms, we’ll empower you to get better—and stay better. So you can get back to what moves you.

The team at Colorado in Motion will work with you every step of the way to ensure your journey to recovery is as seamless as possible. Here’s what you can expect:


Have confidence in your care

Our board-certifications, residencies, fellowships, and ongoing training keep us on the cutting-edge of care. By working with some of the most knowledgeable, highly trained movement experts in the state of Colorado, you can be confident you’re getting the quality care you need to achieve your goals and get back to what moves you. 


Follow a plan that’s personalized to your needs

Your treatment plan has to be aligned uniquely with your needs, which is why we’re dedicated to getting to know your story, listening to your goals, and creating a personalized plan to ensure you get the care you need and deserve.


Work with a team that you can trust

Once you visit Colorado in Motion, you’re part of our family for life. From your very first consultation to after you’ve completed your treatment plan, our team is by your side for your entire recovery journey.

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Did You Know?

We can save


you of medical costs when it comes to back pain alone with early intervention.

You have Up to



lower likelihood of using opioids if your first provider is a physical therapist.



who have had physical therapy believe it is an effective alternative to surgery.


Our patients say it best.

Hear how Colorado In Motion has helped patients with a wide range of movement issues through one-on-one physical therapy.

I am 100% cured. No more numbness in my fingers. I don’t even need to wear my brace at night anymore. Your recommended equipment and posture changes did the trick. Thanks so much!

five stars Rob, Fort Collins Rob, Fort Collins

Our son was 9+ weeks premature and required physical therapy to help with his gross motor skills. Jessica Albers was our therapist and she was wonderful. She gave us the tools to help our son develop and he is now a very active little two year old. We would recommend Jessica to any parents with…

five stars Aaron Biesemeier Aaron Biesemeier

I was referred to CIM for some calf and Achilles issues a few months after a bad strain. I had the pleasure of working with Derek Haverley to resolve it. Derek took time explaining to me how dry needling could help the situation, the results were amazing. It took about 4-5 sessions of dry needling…

five stars Jill Fox Jill Fox

From the very first treatment with Tim I knew I was on the road to recovery. A combination of dry needling, manipulation, home exercises relieved my chronic leg pain caused by a herniated disk. I was in severe pain and limited mobility for more than 3 years. I’ve had 4 treatments and I’m back on…

five stars Joe Joe

Tim has been helping me deal with various running and cycling injuries for a couple of years. They have included hip, back, calf, and knee issues. The at-home exercises he recommended helped so much, and I am now running and cycling pain free. He also recommended a specific strength training program. I am so grateful…

five stars Sheri Sheri

I was in a horrible car accident and had tried many specialized treatments for pain and pain management for more than a year before it was suggested (by a foot doctor) to have Physical Therapy at CIM. Three months ago I started working with David at the College/Harmony facility. What a difference he has made…

five stars Carol carol

Through a combination of dry needling and exercises, Terry had my lower back pain gone within a few weeks. His approach to care is great — educate the patient, give ’em the necessary tools, and the healing happens.

five stars Chris Ketterman Chris Ketterman

Terry is phenomenal. I’m a runner that has been working on a variety of issues for quite a while and I very recently saw Terry. I’ve had chronic Plantar Fasciitis and Terry has gotten it taken care of. His use of ASTYM has been great and my return to running has been much faster than…

five stars Jim Haselmaier Jim Haselmaier

I worked with John Zapanta this fall for joint pain and had terrific results. I was often amazed with the progress made. John’s personality, talent and enthusiasm regarding my recovery made the process more enjoyable than I would have thought possible. I was impressed that he often would follow up with an e-mail with photos…

five stars Cynthia Coogan Cynthia Coogan

I was referred to Colorado Physical Therapy Specialists and saw John. He was very helpful in easing the pain in my shoulder and gave me exercises to do at home in short increments of time that would fit into my schedule, but would still accomplish the goal. He will listen to any concerns, is very…

five stars Carol Metzner Carol Metzner

Want to learn more about Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Our resource library contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in learning more!

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Cutting-edge care by movement experts.

Get back to the activities you love by letting us get to the root of your issue.

Learn how Colorado In Motion empowers our patients through healthy movement.

Browse success stories from patients in our community to see how we can help you increase your resilience and confidence.

Amy: Auto Accident Aftermath

Liz: Chronic Back Pain

Samantha: Sports Injury Recovery

You’ve been told you can’t. We’ll show you how you can.

At Colorado In Motion, we thrive on finding solutions that others didn’t think were possible. You can count on us to do everything we can to get you moving so you can fully engage in all life has to offer.

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