Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a treatment technique which uses small filament type needles to release tight muscles with the goal of permanently reducing muscle pain and dysfunction. Physical therapists are now using this technique around the world to effectively treat acute and chronic orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. The rationale for dry-needling is based on well established models of neuropathic pain. Emerging evidence has shown that dry-needling is effective in the management of chronic low back pain and whiplash associated disorders.

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a treatment that uses acupuncture needles, but that is where the similarity to acupuncture stops. Acupuncture tends to be a more superficial treatment that focuses on restoring energy to the body. Trigger Point Dry Needling treats the neuromuscular system affecting muscle tightness, joint mobility, and symptoms of pain and irritation. During the treatment patients often feel a significant cramping sensation but then feel an immediate improvement of their symptoms.

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