Amanda Quanstrom, PT, DPT

Amanda Quanstrom, PT, DPT

Dr. Quanstrom earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Vermont (UVM) in 2016. She also received her Bachelors of Science in Health and Movement Science from UVM.

Amanda was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. After completing her schooling in Burlington, Vermont she quickly returned to her hometown to start her PT career. During her graduate studies some of her most unique experiences included working along side veterans in Utah and supporting people with Parkinson’s disease in Vermont. Currently Amanda particularly enjoys collaborating with people with scoliosis or shoulder injuries.

Amanda maintains an active lifestyle primarily through rock climbing and running. She grew up dancing for Canyon Concert Ballet in Fort Collins, CO however transitioned to rowing in an 8 person boat for her school during her college years.

Amanda started with Colorado in Motion in 2018.

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