Samantha: Sports Injury Recovery

Read about how Samantha’s sports injury changed her life – and how Colorado In Motion Physical Therapy helped her overcome the pain.

The Pain: Samantha had been suffering pain stemming from a lifting injury for over five years before she came to Colorado In Motion Physical Therapy – a lifting injury had been causing her back pain that she didn’t think would ever go away. 

The Plan: Samantha underwent a PT regimen spanning over three months, targeting her muscles and the areas that had been bothering her since her injury. “[My PT] was very in tune to what my physical limitations were, but also pushed me to get stronger.”

The Results: “I can’t believe the difference in 3 months with my posture and I am not enduring constant back pain anymore.” For the first time in years, Samantha can be involved in sports again!

After a sports-related injury, we’re here to help. Contact us today to see how we can help after an accident on or off the field!

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