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Mandie Schake, OT, MS

Mandie Schake, OT, MS
Mandie entered the field of occupational therapy four years ago after leaving a longtime career in construction in the mountains.  In 2011, a close family member suffered a stroke at a young age, and she was able to be a part of his recovery with the help of several occupational and physical therapists.  These same therapists convinced Mandie to return to graduate school and complete her long abandoned goal of becoming a therapist.
Since graduating with her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University, Mandie has specializes in neuro-rehabilitation and vision therapy after neurological events or diagnoses. These include: traumatic brain injury/concussion, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.  She is especially passionate about helping those with neurological deficits return to full lives, not only at home, but in the work force and community as well.  Mandie has completed numerous trainings for neuro-rehabilitation handling and facilitation, neurological vision deficits, vestibular therapy, and concussion management.  She is always excited to learn new ways to help her patients and learn from her patients as well!
She is married and has two step-children and two dogs.  In her free time, Mandie enjoys being active through gardening, fishing, camping, running, hiking, and yoga.   Mandie is also a registered yoga teacher, and teaches alignment and myofascial based yoga classes in the community.
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