Safe Lifting Techniques

Here are a few safe lifting techniques:

Do Not Overexert Test the object first – turn it, tilt it, slide it

Team Lift when Objects are heavy

Get as Close as Possible to the object

Bend Your Knees and Hips as far as comfortable (“stoop”)

Lift Slowly and Steadily, Keeping the load Close to body

Stand and Step – Move Feet to Turn – Don’t Twist

Carry it Close – Keeping load against thighs or abdomen

Lower in Reverse

Did You Know?

Stooping (bending knees and bending hips as far as comfortable) to lift from low levels exerts less force into the lower spine discs than Squatting

Why? Stooping keeps the distance from your hands to your lowest lumbar joint (L5-S1)

Top Two most important training tips for lifting safely at any level are:

Keep the objects as Close as possible to your body; and

Never twist while lifting or lowering objects.

Rule of Thumb: STOOP – STAND STEP

Stoop to move your hands to the object.

Stand upright to complete the lift prior to moving with it.

Step to avoid twisting– point your foot in the direction you are moving to next.