Post Covid-19 Recovery Rehabilitation

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In response to the number of Northern Coloradoans affected by coronavirus, Colorado in Motion is prepared to address the unique needs of post-acute COVID-19 patients along with those affected by social distancing and inactivity.

What Does Post Covid-19 Recovery Rehabilitation Address?


    • Headaches
    • Neck Pain
    • Rib Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Pelvic Pain/Incontinence

Cardiopulmonary Issues

    • Difficulty breathing
    • Poor Oxygen levels
    • Decreased aerobic capacity


    • Generalized weakness
    • Fatigue
    • Decreased function
    • Limited mobility

Neurological Complications

    • Decreased balance
    • Difficulty walking
    • Poor coordination
    • Confusion/cognitive difficulties

Why is Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation So Important?

  • Research indicates more than 70% of all patients discharged from the hospital are likely to incur some physical complications such as those listed above.
  • If untreated, such complications can lead to long term loss of function, decreased quality of life, and further health complications.
  • As more details of COVID-19 emerge, the need for early intervention and recovery, programs has become increasingly clear.  Physical and occupational therapy has been proven to help restore function in patients following acute illness.

How Can Colorado in Motion Help?

Breathe Better – Specific manual therapy techniques combined with respiratory muscle training has been shown to improve breathing mechanics and aide in the restoration of overall cardiopulmonary function.

Regain Strength and Endurance – Colorado in Motion’s licensed experts are well-trained to closely monitor cardiopulmonary function during exercise and develop individualized programs to improve strength, endurance, walking ability, and aerobic capacity.

Decrease Pain – Manual therapy combined with appropriate exercise has been shown to be very effective at decreasing pain and reducing the effect such symptoms may have on patient recovery.

Colorado in Motion staff continues to take every necessary precaution, per CDC guidelines, to ensure patients have a place to engage in safe, effective physical activity and rehabilitation.  For more information, visit us at

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