You Could Benefit from Seeing a Physical Therapist at Colorado in Motion

Hey there,

I hate that you’re not feeling 100%, but you’ve come to the right place – you’re in good hands here!

Thanks for choosing to take care of yourself by filling out the Colorado in Motion Pain Quiz. It’s a proven tool that assesses the likelihood that your pain will resolve with basic tips and exercises, or whether you’ll require the expertise of a trained medical professional.

Based on your answers, your score suggests that you could benefit from seeing a Colorado in Motion physical therapist right away to minimize your symptoms and prevent them from becoming a long-term problem. Don’t worry… I’ll be here to guide you the whole way!

The first step is to see a specialty trained professional as soon as possible. You can give me a call at (970)-221-1201 to schedule an appointment. We’ll typically see you within 24-48 hours, and I’m happy to answer any insurance or medical questions you may have in the meantime.

Talk to you soon!


Abby Jacobs

Colorado in Motion Centralized Scheduling Manager [email protected]