Lace ’em up!!

Categories: Pediatrics

Its time to start lacing up your child’s shoes for tons fun outside! Many spring and summer activities are done in sandals though it is important to use appropriate, supportive shoes for running, hiking, biking, and other sports. Life is a lot easier when your child is independent enough to get him/her self ready for these activities. Is your child having difficulty learning how to tie his/her own shoes? It is a challenging task that is usually learned around the age of six.

Some ideas to make the task more manageable while s/he learns are:

Practice with a shoe on the table *make sure the toe of the shoe is facing away*

Use long laces

An easy way to do this is tie two shoe laces together and then lace the shoe

Use two different colored laces to help identify which string to pull

Have your child gain confidence by completing only one step of the process while you finish the others. Build on these skills one step at a time.

Or maybe the traditional methods are not the right fit for your child. There are many alternatives. One I will highlight is the “Ninja Tie.” It is one of the fastest ways to tie your shoes and many kids will have fun teaching their friends this new technique. A video to learn this technique is below. Go ahead, give it a try!

Is your child still having difficulty? There might be other underlying skills that need to be addressed first. Occupational therapy can identify what skills are barriers for your child performing this or other tasks. Do you wonder if OT is right for your child?  Contact Chelsea Rose at to find out!