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Bringing Strength and Recovery to the Front Range

Welcome to Colorado in Motion in South Fort Collins at our Harmony campus. We are proud to offer a wide range of services for patients of all ages to reach their full potential and recover from stroke or injury. We staff a full team of skilled and experienced physical and occupational therapists to help you reach your goals.

We offer a variety of programs to help you reach your peak physical potential and help you avoid further injury. We offer wellness programs that include yoga, massage therapy, and fitness and performance programs to meet your individual goals. We can help you decrease stress and anxiety, improve flexibility and strength, and decrease pain.  For all of your therapy needs in Fort Collins, contact us to schedule your evaluation today!


Experiencing an illness or injury that limits your ability to move and perform normal activities can be frustrating even when they are not debilitating. As adults, we are at risk of injury at an alarming rate from repetitive motion and poor ergonomics at work to sports injuries and diagnosis of a disease or disorder that affects our bones, joints, or communication to our muscles. At Colorado in Motion, we are committed to improving the physical health and overall wellness of our patients by restoring strength, balance, and range of motion so you can get back to doing the things you love (as well as the things you have) to do!

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Some of the things we love to do make us inherently at risk of injury. From tennis elbow to runner’s knee and everything in between, being active puts us at risk for musculoskeletal injuries, especially those things that require repetitive or high-impact motions. To help reduce injury and treat pain, we offer several preventative and reactive treatment services.

Some of our services include: 

As we age and our bodies are exposed to a lifetime of movement and trauma, it may begin to break down or experience injuries. To help you prevent this from happening or to help you recover from musculoskeletal insults, we offer a wide range of physical and occupational therapy services.  

Some of our services include: 

Many diseases and conditions, especially autoimmune disorders and stroke, can dramatically affect mobility and function. At Colorado in Motion, we offer physical and occupational therapy services that are specially tailored to helping those who suffer from these conditions.

This list of conditions and services is not all-encompassing, as we are able to help with nearly any issue related to mobility or function. We take an aggressive, proactive approach to physical wellness as well as focus on rehabilitation as a holistic experience that involves much more than simply getting you on your feet again. Let us help you restore your strength and balance so you can live the life you want. Contact us to schedule your evaluation today!

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When you need pediatric physical or occupational therapy in Fort Collins, Greeley, or Johnstown, you need Colorado in Motion. Schedule your appointment today!