CIM is Proud to Announce Our Most Recent Board Certifications!

Colorado in Motion is pleased to announce the recent board certifications of BattleCreek Clinic’s Jennifer Farnell, PT and Mandie Schake, OT through the American Balance Institute in Vestibular and Concussion Rehabilitation!

In their tenure at Colorado In Motion’s BattleCreek Clinic and in conjunction with the Aasha Brain Clinic, both Jen and Mandie have already helped so many acute and chronic vestibular/concussion patients through their collaborative, team approach.

Mandie Schake OT, MS is an Occupational Therapist with a Focus in Neurorehabilitation & Concussions with 7 years specialized experience in neurological rehabilitation and vision/vestibular therapy for those who are recovering from a brain injury/concussion, brain tumor, or stroke.

Jennifer Farnell PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist with 8 years of specialized experience in neurological rehabilitation and vision/vestibular therapy. She is certified in NeuroIFRAH, a handling technique for individuals with stroke and traumatic brain injury and eager to continue treating past and present patients with concussion and vestibular needs. Both are excited to continue growing their knowledge in Vestibular and Concussion Rehabilitation, helping BattleCreek patients get back to life, faster.

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