CIM COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures

CIM Industrial Health Services Continue During Covid-19



Colorado in Motion clinics in Fort Collins and Windsor remain open and prepared to meet the needs of Northern Colorado employers and their critical workforce. Homeland Security has identified Physical and Occupational Therapists as ‘essential health care providers’ as we can help decrease the burden on primary care and emergency/urgent care medical providers who play a critical role in managing more significant, life-threatening conditions.


Our scope of practice places us on the front line of musculoskeletal triage – reassuring patients with minor aches and pains, and helping connect those with more significant conditions to the appropriate providers.


During this surge in respiratory and infectious disorders, and considering the heavy burden already placed on each company’s Health and Safety, as well as Human Resources personnel, Colorado In Motion is here to assist employers and occupational medicine providers to help workers suffering from minor fatigue and discomfort, as well as more significant pain and decreased tolerance for work activities. This is particularly important if these disorders are preventing workers from getting exercise and sunshine outside of work – both of which are highly recommended by the CDC for improving resistance to disease and infection.


As a Pinnacol SelectNet provider for rehabilitation services for workers’ compensation, as well as a leader in OSHA First Aid level of care for non-recordable injuries, we understand that workers may prefer not to come to our clinic for injury triage or more frequent therapy visits.

Based on these findings, we can provide the appropriate level of conservative care, or help employers escalate care based on clinical “red flags” that may suggest a musculoskeletal condition warrants additional medical evaluation. To ensure the comfort of all patients, we are offering initial screens as well as follow-up visits via Telehealth.


Be assured, our practice has in place the critical infection control policies, procedures and systems which meet or exceed the Centers for Disease Control’s Standard Precautions for Healthcare Practices.


As partners in building and maintaining a healthy and productive Colorado workforce, we want to thank you for your trust and the opportunity to make sure our services are truly responsive to your changing needs during these challenging times.


Thank you for your time and the opportunity to partner in protecting our beloved community!