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What Your Physical Therapist Wants You to Know About AS Pain

Read the Article here. When you have ankylosing spondylitis (AS), one of the most notable issues is pain—either the sharp, stabbing type when you move certain ways, or an ongoing dull ache that comes from stiffness…

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Here’s Why Incline Walking Can Be Better Than Running, According to a PT

Read the article here. When I think of the things that make me sweat the most, it’s a tie between trying stand-up comedy for the first time and 15 minutes of incline walking. Though the…

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Here’s Why Tight Clothes Aren’t the Best Way To Dress for Cold Weather

Read the full article here. You’ve probably been there: tightly bundled up and wearing so many layers that you’re already starting to sweat. Well, it turns out that bundling up in super tight clothing for…

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