Cost Effective Healthcare

Strive to be an Educated Healthcare Consumer

Most people spend a lot of time researching and weighing options for a large purchase or a decision like changing a job. When it comes to healthcare, however, most people don’t do much research or…

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Physical Therapy Can Prevent Unnecessary Surgery

Recent research is showing that surgery might not be needed as often as we think. A large review estimates that 10% to 20% of surgeries might be unnecessary and that in some specialties such as…

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Early Rehabilitation in Patients With Nontraumatic Knee Pain Significantly Linked to Lower Use of Opioids, Injections, and Knee Surgery

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh recently reported that rehabilitation, including physical therapy, provided within 1-15 days of pain beginning may significantly reduce the use of opioids, nonsurgical invasive procedures such as joint injections, and…

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