Owning your single leg strength photo

Owning your single leg strength

When I ask my clients what leg strengthening exercises they do, most say squats, lunges, leg press, and sometimes deadlift, leg extension and leg curl.…

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The Basics of Balance photo

The Basics of Balance

Balance is the ability to maintain a stable position, whether it be sitting, standing, walking, or moving around. We use our balance every day to…

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Speed Training 101:  Part 3 photo

Speed Training 101: Part 3

In this conclusion of our introduction series to speed training, we are going to cover my top three exercises that every runner/ sprinter should be…

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Be strong and mobile! photo

Be strong and mobile!

You probably understand the importance of maintaining flexibility as you age.  More importantly however, is maintaining good mobility. What’s the difference between flexibility and mobility?…

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