About Us

We’re dedicated to keeping you moving.

Whether it’s spending time with your family outside, hiking or running Colorado trails, cycling through the Front Range, or playing in the mountains, the team at Colorado In Motion is dedicated to keeping you moving with physical therapy, occupational therapy, industrial health, and post-stroke rehabilitative therapy services.

In May 2015, the teams at Colorado Physical Therapy Specialists and Harmony Hand joined forces to form Colorado In Motion. We are a community of mindful practitioners dedicated to empowering our patients with the skills they need to live a healthy Colorado lifestyle. We aim to provide natural solutions to healthcare concerns for both businesses and individuals throughout Northern Colorado, offering physical and occupational therapy services for all ages, from infants to seniors.

Our primary goal is to keep you moving and enjoying the great outdoors while maintaining the personal, high-quality care our patients have come to expect. We pride ourselves on providing evidence-based techniques and individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique needs, goals and limitations.

Colorado In Motion has more than 50 team members, five offices throughout northern Colorado, and a comprehensive range of therapy services, including physical therapy (non-operative and post-operative management of back, neck and extremity disorders, arthritis, sports injuries, pelvic health, pediatrics, and neurological disorders), occupational therapy, specialized hand rehabilitation, post-stroke therapy, and full-spectrum industrial medicine services.

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