Returning to Summer Golf Form

Golf requires controlled and powerful rotational motion to ensure long drives and prolonged back health for the whole summer. Many recreational golfers do not prepare for the physical requirements of golf. While one might have to strength for one or two swings, recreational golfers must train to maximize their control of rotational motion and their core endurance so that they are able to complete the motion over 18 holes of golf. These are three great core strengthening exercises to help you maximize your control, power, and endurance to play a pain free summer of golf.



Additionally, golf requires range of motion into hip internal rotation with the front leg. If you are a right-handed golfer, your left hip must rotate internally relative to your spine as you rotate to the left during the swing. If your foot stays pointed straight forward, but you lack motion at the hip, you will compensate likely through your spine during the swing leading to unnecessary strain on the back. An easy way to improve upon this compensation is to stretch the hip into internal rotation before practicing a few golf swings, utilizing the new motion that you created.


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