7 Activities to Try for Relief of Chronic Pain

There are activities you can try for the relief you need from chronic pain. Whenever you begin a new activity, it’s important to remember to start out slowly. With any type of physical activity, you may at first feel some level of muscle soreness until your body becomes adjusted. So start out at a slow pace, and build from there according to your comfort level. Here are activities you may want to try to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain.

Do Water Aerobics

It’s not about agility or high-energy workouts; on the contrary, it’s about doing gentle movements in a low-friction environment. Water aerobics gives you the opportunity to do low-impact exercises while enjoying the soothing feeling of making fluid movements through water. In addition, it’s a fun social activity, which can boost your mood at the same time that it reduces the pain associated with any chronic conditions. Check to see when water aerobics are offered at your local community swimming pools or fitness centers.

Practice Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation

Gentle yoga postures and movements can give your muscles the activity they need without going overboard. Yoga and breathwork can improve your circulation, release endorphins, increase flexibility, reduce blood pressure, and offer numerous other advantages that relax you while giving your health a nice boost. In addition, meditation enables you to strengthen your mind, helping you to mentally overcome your pain symptoms, giving you a nice distraction as a helpful side effect.

Go For A Walk

The nice thing about walking is that you can do it anywhere, and you can go at your own pace, walking as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing. Walking in nature exposes you to healthful levels of fresh air that help your lungs and circulation. It also brings you much-needed stress relief and an enjoyable distraction that your mind can focus on. The frequency of your walks and the locations you trek through are completely up to you, giving you something to look forward to and an empowering way to manage pain.

Dance To Music You Enjoy

Listening to music you like offers healthful benefits, including bringing down anxiety levels and helping you feel happier and in an overall better mood. Pair listening to music with dancing, and you’ve got an even more winning combination! As with all the activities on our list, make sure you dance in the way that you’re comfortable with, without overdoing it or exacerbating any symptoms of pain. Gentle movements are perfectly good enough; you’re not dancing in a competition, you’re just feeling the music move through you and expressing your joy!

Get A Massage

Release the tension and stress trapped in your muscles through a soothing, hour-long massage. Even a half-hour massage can be beneficial. Let the massage therapist know what conditions you’re experiencing, and ask for a gentle touch, which will help reduce your pain symptoms while avoiding creating new ones.

Prepare A Delicious, Healthful Meal

It can be a challenge to do things around the house when dealing with chronic pain, but preparing a simple yet healthful meal is very doable. First, you engage your mind in a creative pursuit that brings you benefits; in coming up with recipes and doing meal planning and preparation, you shift your thinking to something productive, giving you a healthful distraction from symptoms of pain. Next, you do gentle movements in the kitchen, at your own pace, to fix yourself something delicious and nutritious. And finally, you consume the dish you created, giving you a satisfyingly healthy boost all the way around! Preparing meals for yourself in the kitchen is an extremely empowering activity. The meals don’t need to be elaborate, and you can get assistance beforehand to make sure the tools and ingredients you need are within easy reach.

Do Gentle Stretches

It can feel good to do gentle stretching exercises, once again, at the pace and level you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter how slowly you move, nor does it matter how long or short your stretching session is. The important thing is to discover ways of stretching gently such that you experience relief from pain. This is not a marathon! Do the stretches that feel good to you, at the pace that feels right.

For Help With Pain Management, Visit Colorado In Motion

While any of these activities can lead to relief from pain and serve as something fun to look forward to, the physical therapists at Colorado In Motion can help you customize your exercises and fine-tune your lifestyle to bring you even greater levels of relief from pain. We will work at your comfort level, ensuring we don’t aggravate conditions, and giving you pain management tools you can use again and again. We want you to live to your fullest, and we are here to help make that happen. Reach out to Colorado in Motion with any questions you may have, then make your appointment for the pain relief, empowerment, and comfort you seek!

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