5 Healthy Foods for Chronic Pain Relief

The best results for chronic pain relief typically come from a multi-point approach. Your diet is one of these important points; what you eat can make a difference and bring you the relief you need to manage pain symptoms. Here are five super foods that can help reduce your pain and give your health a boost.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

By adding a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet, you increase the chances of getting all the nutrients and micronutrients your body needs to operate at its peak performance. Trace minerals support your nervous system and important body functions, while vitamins boost your immunity. Fresh organic produce tends to be most effective for chronic pain relief, but cooked or frozen vegetables work well, too.

Healthy Teas

Great for relaxation, many teas deliver healthy doses of antioxidants to reduce pain while increasing your energy levels and lifting your mood. Some good teas to try are ginseng, green, mint, chamomile, and a variety of herbal blends.

Certain Herbs And Spices

Cultures around the world have been experimenting with herbs and spices for centuries. Several that are known for their pain-relief properties are turmeric, ginger, thyme, and ground chili peppers.

Many Types Of Beans

In addition to giving you the protein your body needs, beans can lower your symptoms of pain, since they’re not associated with the inflammation that animal products can sometimes cause. Many types of beans are good for you, including coffee and cocoa, soybeans, garbanzo beans, and pinto beans. Lentils are great, too!

Seeds And Nuts

Start sprinkling seeds and nuts on your salads, casseroles, and more! Some excellent choices include chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, almonds, and walnuts.

Turn To Colorado In Motion For Help With Chronic Pain Relief

Food is just one area that can help with chronic pain relief. Turn to Colorado in Motion in Northern Colorado for physical therapy and rehabilitation services that can bring you more relief. Make your appointment with one of our offices in Fort Collins or Windsor today!

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