Bike Safety: Getting to Work

Employers can find great North Front Range resources to share with employees interested in riding to work:

  • North Front Range Municipal Planning Organization – Bike-Ped Transportation (
  • FC Bikes (
  • City of Loveland (
  • Town of Windsor (

If you’ve never ridden your bike to work, and consider yourself a Beginner, here’s a few Safety Tips to keep in mind:

  1. Plan you trip. Make sure you have a clear route and are aware of any detours for summer time construction projects.
  2. Do not wear headphones while riding.
  3. If you’re in a group, always ride single-file.
  4. Wear brightly-colored, retro-reflective clothing.
  5. Protect your head – always wear a helmet.
  6. Avoid riding at twilight or in the dark. It’s just more difficult for drivers to see you.
  7. Make eye contact with drivers at intersections before you proceed. We all know how distracted driving increases the risk of collisions.
  8. And if you have long hair, make sure to tie it up and keep it out of your gears and wheels!

Most of all, Have Fun! You will feel great when you arrive at work energized and ready for your day.

Keep an eye out for our blogs on conditioning for pre- and post-ride, as well as tips on bike ergonomics for safe, comfortable positioning.

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