Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy offers many important health benefits beyond pampering yourself. Think of massage therapy as an investment in your health. In the hands of a skilled Massage Therapist, you can expect Massage Therapy to provide many benefits including: decreasing stress and anxiety, calming the autonomic nervous system’s “fight or flight” response which can help relieve chronic pain, decreasing muscle tension and speeding up the healing process after injuries or surgeries by increasing circulation. Massage therapy can treat a variety of conditions including insomnia, low back pain, neck pain, TMJ pain, headaches, scarring and adhesion from injury or surgery, joint mobility issues and the discomforts of pregnancy.

Our massage therapist, Mary Bashkin, treats clients at our Old Town location. She works closely with our Physical and Occupational Therapists providing therapeutic massage therapy that augments their treatment plan. The combination of therapies can help improve recovery outcomes and also be used as a continuing therapy after discharge from PT or OT to “dial down” the stress that can perpetuate chronic pain.

Some commercial insurance companies are beginning to include massage therapy as a benefit. Please call your insurance company to inquire if massage is covered under your plan.

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